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Report by Dave Coleman 

As we knew before the match it was going to be very different playing a team that sits back and doesnt come out to attack. The good thing is we know what the problem is and it can be addressed and corrected. I know it wont go down to well with some but theres no doubt to me Pogba could have made a difference today. We didnt play anywhere near as well as in recent matches but could still have been ahead before Everton took the lead. My one problem with De Gea is his lack of strength in situations like that lm sure a goalkeeper should be able to get something on the ball when its that close to the goal and he comes for it. Its difficult to blame Lindelöf as he had no time to react. The rest of the first half was pretty poor to be fair but l hoped we could come out in the second half and take the game to them. We were better but players like Rashford James and Martial were shadows of the players they have been in recent games. We did force a few decent saves from the goalkeeper but l must admit l was beginning to think we were not going to score. Thankfully Greenwood again proved his goalscoring instinct is excellent. From then we didnt really do enough to deserve the win we wanted but at least we avoided a depressing defeat. The team seemed to be playing at about 3/4 pace and l wonder if the efforts of the last couple of games had an effect. I thought Wan Bissaka and Fred were the 2 that played as well as any of the players with Fred my choice for MOTM. Next match is home to Colchester in Carabao Cup on Wednesday. Come on United! 🇾🇪

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