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Report by Dave Coleman

Torturous is the only way l can describe the feeling watching tonights match. We seem to have hit a wall in the last couple of weeks. Fernandes in particular seems to have dropped off terribly. No fault of his because hes probably having a reaction to the adrenaline filled magical opening few weeks of his career at United. West Ham just like Southampton in our last home match played with the confidence and freedom of knowing they didnt really need anything from the match. Our team on the other hand have the huge amount of pressure playing for United in a must win situation. Thankfully it wasnt an absolute must win as the draw still puts us where we want to be in the league and the situation is still in our hands. It was a terribly slow and boring game to watch as West Ham did exactly what they had to do and stopped us playing the football we wanted. We had most of the early play and made the keeper make a few decent saves. But as ever when matches like this are played when we didnt get the early goal we wanted West Ham grew more confident and came more and more into the match. They kept the ball excellently and you have to wonder how the got involved in the relegation fight when they can play like this. Their goal came from a free kick they played to the side and an excellent shot was handled by Pogba seemingly protecting his face but which he probably should have ducked under. I know people will say he should have took it in the face but l doubt many would actually have done it l certainly wouldnt. The penalty was expertly converted and at least we conceded a goal De Gea wasnt to blame for. We came out in the second half and started brightly equalising within a few minutes with a lovely worked goal from Greenwood. But that was as good as it got we had some decent positions but didnt make the most of them. The only real chance was for lghalo as soon as he came on but he couldnt get his foot around the ball enough to get it on target. West Ham were again very good keeping the ball and forced a couple of decent saves from De Gea but quite clearly were happy with the draw. So we have one game to go with CL qualification in our own hands. At least we have 3 full days before the match and thats as long a break as we have had recently. Its now down to Ole and the management team to prepare the team properly and get them ready for what will clearly be a difficult match. We are in a far better position than any of us would have predicted back in January but we now have to make the most of it. Next match is away to Leicester on Sunday in the PL. Come on United! 🇾🇪

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