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Report by Dave Coleman

Another wonderfully comfortable win and 3 much needed points. For the first 5 minutes l dont think Brighton got into our half. Fernandes hit the post with our best early effort. But it only took around 15 minutes for us to take the lead with a lovely finish from Greenwood. We continued to dominate and around the half hour mark we got a second through Fernandes. We were in complete control of the match and looked like the United of old. The second half started with Brighton determined to get back into the match and they had more of the ball and pressured us far more. But 5 minutes in we broke from our own box and scored a goal through Fernandes that was definitely one that was worthy of any United and was typical of the sort of football we all love to see our team play. That was it there was no way back for Brighton. They had a few attempts De Gea made a couple of decent saves and just brushed past the post with another shot. We made 5 substitutions which disrupted the flow of the team but towards the end they made some chances that could have brought us a 4th. We continue our run of good form and the confidence in the team must be sky high at the moment. Once again Fernandes is MOTM he scored 2 goals and is such a game changer for us and the effect he has had on the team is amazing. Next game is home to Bournemouth in the PL on Saturday afternoon. Come on United! 🇾🇪

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