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Report by Dave Coleman 

Another great result for the manager and the team. It wasnt the perfect performance but it was certainly the perfect result. The first half was pretty even though l thought we looked slightly more likely to score and had the better attempts though there werent many. We have most definitely speeded up our play and our attacking is benefitting greatly from this. I thought Martial had a couple of decent chances and perhaps it would have been better to pass the second one rather than shoot. Similarly James had a reasonable chance and maybe should have shot across the goalkeeper then Martial could have possibly finished any rebound. We got a free kick on the corner of the box after around 30 minutes with as usual Fred and Fernandes the possible takers. I thought Shaw had loads of room to their left and maybe playing him in was the best option but Fernandes lifted the ball over City’s wall to Martial who drove the ball into the net seemingly through the goalkeeper. The stadium erupted and the noise was deafening as the fans and players celebrated what l thought was a deserved lead. l dont remember much happening between then and half time. The second half was clearly going to be mostly a rearguard action with us playing on the break. City had vast amounts of possession but l believe only made one clear cut chance from a cross into the 6 yard box that they failed to connect with properly. There were a couple of long range shots one of which De Gea tipped over and a header from a corner but l dont think they can feel unlucky not to score. We were dangerous on the break with the pace of James Fernandes and Martial and with better final balls or crosses could perhaps have made some better chances. All substitutions were made and the clock seemed to move ever so slowly. When 5 minutes injury time was announced the collective groan was immense. But again l thought we kept them at arms length very well for the most part. Igahlo came on and helped by holding the ball up and keeping us in possession. As the time ticked slowly by City became more and more desperate throwing balls high into our half but that played into the hands of Maguire and the rest. We had a break down our left that looked like it would see time out but the ball reached their goalkeeper and he tried to get it forward but sent it straight to McTominay who gloriously smashed the ball back into the net. That was it game over and everyone went wild. There was only time left to kick off again before the whistle went. Fantastic result again against one of the bigger teams. Everyone must now see that we are making progress and Ole certainly deserves the summer window and at least some of next season if not all to get us back challenging again. It would be difficult to single out any player as l think the whole team deserve credit for their efforts. Next match is Thursday away to LASK in Europa League. Come on United! 🇾🇪

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