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Report by Dave Coleman 

There are many different opinions about Manchester United current situation some blame the owners some blame the CEO some blame the management some blame the players. I supppose everyone can provide evidence to support their opinions. For me the reasons are probably all the above plus certain sections of the fan base cannot be helping with the toxic atmosphere currently surrounding the club. I believe there have been many bad decisions made throughout the whole period following Sir Alex Fergusons retirement. I dont think any manager has been given enough time to implement any plan he had for taking the club forward nor in David Moyes did he get sufficient backing in the transfer market. The reasons for this are partly down to knee jerk reactions from senior management due to poor performances poor results and fan pressure through a variety of avenues. Without equating any of our recent managers with Sir Alex theres no doubt a distinct lack of patience from all around the club has led to managers not being given the time that he got in the late 80s. Now l know many people will say that situation was different and he was a different class of manager than any we have had since which is a fair point but l dont think many can honestly say in late 1989 they thought the glorious trophy filled years we had from the 1990 FA Cup win were possible. I understand the hate campaign against the Glazers because in this sort of situation even owners that show up regularly at games are blamed for the poor team performance. Of course the money they take from the club and the lack of investment by them is fuel for the hatred. But no owner and l mean no owner has invested their own money into Manchester United since James Gibson in the 1930s because none has had to do. The money Manchester United as a club generates is more than enough to run the club and pay huge transfer fees and wages. As for the money they take out again thats all any owners have done for many years the only difference is the larger figures which is down to the way they and the people they employ have successfully marketed the club. Football is a business and has been for many years the money generated by tv and commercial dealings has changed the sport we all love beyond anything we imagined in the old days. The idea that no money has been spent on players is erroneous when you look at the net spend table that places us second only to Manchester City in the period 2013-2019. No the problem has been buying the wrong players though l am sure there are few players that have been bought in those years that anyone would consider to be bad buys when they first came in. I think the problem is more one of not having a sustained plan for the future which can only come by backing the vision of one manager. As we did with Sir Matt Busby Tommy Docherty ( until his wrongful sacking in my opinion) Ron Atkinson (up to a point) and Sir Alex Ferguson. Now l am not trying to say any of the recent managers up to and including the present one are in any way equal to those managers but someone sooner or later has to be given time to build his own team in his vision to have any chance of seeing if it can be successful. As can be seen from last nights team it is a mish mash of 5 different managers signings mixed with academy products. That surely cannot work. Ive seen it said that maybe relegation would a good thing for us as it was in the mid 70s. I think that in this day and age it would be highly unlikely to happen and if it did would much much harder to recover from. We have to at some point have a manager that we give enough time to let his vision of the team bear fruit if we constantly chop and change managers every couple of years or so we are never going to achieve what we want to. As far as the Glazers out campaign whilst l do think it would be better for the club if they sold up its going to do huge damage to the club as a whole before they do actually sell. If they did l think best case scenario would be that we were bought by some oil billionaire with dubious history or human rights record. Or worst case scenario, lm not sure whether there is some way that this could be avoided but as they own the club surely they can do what they want with it, no one wants to buy a burned out giant of a football club and they sell everything off including all the land they own which must be worth a hell of a lot of money situated where it is. I honestly dont think theres any easy solution to our present predicament but no matter what our support and love for the club is unconditional and we will follow wherever the future takes us. Come on United! 🇾🇪

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