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Report by Dave Coleman 

Obviously the result everyone expected but l doubt anyone expected to see Liverpool panicking towards the end. Yes there were periods when we were battered by them and we rode our luck a few times. But l think there were times in the match particularly in the second half when we gave them as good a game as any other team this season. Lets be frank about this they are a team that has won every match bar one in the league up to now this season and must be literally brimming with confidence and we are a team that everyone is down on including many many of our own fans. But notwithstanding the fact we had 3 major first team players missing and they were at full strength we made chances. I definitely think Martial should have scored and perhaps Pereira in the first half too. I was in a pub that had quite a few Liverpool fans in it and the look on their Klopps faces told you they were more than a little worried towards the end. Yes they got a second goal at the death to seal the win but that was always going to be risk the way we were pushing for an equaliser. I was shouting at James to foul Salah exactly the same way l shouted at Macari with Brady many years ago. But that didnt really affect the result in the end it was just another goal against. Of course our team made many mistakes and were made to look second best quite a few times but dont anyone tell they didnt put the effort in or didnt play with heart. Consider the team we were playing against they have beaten every team in the league including the so called best team in the world Manchester City yet we gave them a game that they werent sure of winning until right at the end. I thought Shaw had a good game but Fred for me was our MOTM yes he makes mistakes but he puts everything into the game and was involved in just about everything for us. The good thing about today is though we lost our position in the table hasnt altered and we can still push for the CL places. Next match is at home to Burnley on Wednesday in Premier League. Come on United! 🇾🇪

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