Report by Dave Coleman

Aktualisiert: 8. Dez 2019

LQuite clearly we need midfield reinforcements we miss McTominay and Pogba (yes Pogba) terribly. Fred tried manfully but its obviously too much for Pereira. Its alright people saying throw the kids in but in our situation theres every chance it would break them. Williams had a reaction today and played his worst game since he got into the first team. It has to be remembered even with pure gold players like Giggs and Scholes Sir Alex didnt throw them in every game and that was a winning team. Young players have to be carefully managed with first team opportunities. I thought we started the game quite brightly though we didnt make any real chances. What was probably Villas first real attack was an overhit cross that seemed to clear any real danger but a wonderful finish into the top corner gave them the lead. It was a very open game but we lost our way for quite a while. We forced a mistake from a clearance that we crossed for Rashford to score the equaliser. The second half was again open but lacking any real quality. Just over the hour mark we put in another decent cross which was deflected to the far post where Lindelöf buried his header. I hoped we would then consolidate and hopefully catch them on the break. But we fell to the oldest cliche of being most vulnerable just after scoring. Villa got a corner which they played short and from the resulting cross they eventually scored the equaliser from what looked an obvious offside but was proven not to be because Williams didnt get out quick enough. After that l dont really recall any real chances for either side to secure the win. I dont understand only sending 1 man out to an opposing corner where they have 2 men its too easy to play round him and change the angle this was partly to blame for their second goal. Im assuming Martial went off because he was injured as l thought he was the best of the front 3 today. We are quite clearly lacking in midfield and it seems to be affecting other areas of our game. We will have to suffer inconsistencies like this until we can get players back even then we shouldnt expect to suddenly start playing well immediately. We need players out and players in and Ole needs a squad of mainly his players and 2 or 3 of previous managers buys that he thinks fit the way he wants to play. Im sure the Ole out brigade will again be screaming for his removal. I dont know if he can bring back the good times nor do l know he cant. We are on our 5th manager since Sir Alex retired almost 7 years ago this sort of turnover of managers is never going to work. The squad is already a mish mash of players from all our managers back to and including Sir Alex. Does anyone really think someone like Pocchettino can come wave a magic wand and knit it all together. Somebody has to be given time to build a squad of players they want in their team. Why not Ole? Will their be queue of the great managers waiting to take over if we do get rid of Ole? I very much doubt it they wont want to risk their reputations. Next game is an interesting 1 with the the return of Jose with Spurs on Wednesday in Premier League. Come on United! 🇾🇪

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