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Edwin van der Sar (*  October 29th  1970  in  Voorhout ) is a former  Dutch  Soccer goalkeeper . He started his professional career at in the early 1990s  Ajax Amsterdam  and won four there  Dutch championships  ( 199419951996  and  1998 ), three times the  KNVB Cup  ( 19931998  and  1999 ) and 1992 the  Uefa cup  and 1995 the  Champions League . In 1999 he moved abroad and after a two-year intermediate episode in Italy  Juventus Turin  found it in the English from 2001  Premier League  his new sporting home. He celebrated especially from 2005 until the end of his career in 2011  Manchester United  great successes. This again included four national titles ( 200720082009  and  2011 ), as well as two  League Cup editions  ( 2006  and  2009 ) and 2008 as


greatest achievement again the  Champions League .

Van der Sar took with the  Dutch national team  at three  World championships  ( 1994 ,  1998  and  2006 ) and four  European championships  ( 1996 ,  2000 ,  2004  and  2008 ) and was the record national player of "Oranje" with 130 appearances until June 9, 2017. He was considered to be one of the best soccer goalkeepers of his time and, due to his technical and soccer skills, he was the prototype of a modern goalkeeper who “played along”


In 2005 van der Sar switched to  Manchester United , with the tacitly agreed transfer fee said to have been around two million pounds. The now almost 35-year-old "veteran" immediately took over the role of the new "number one" at his new club and was partly responsible for realigning the defensive behavior of "United". The "Red Devils" had previously remained without an English championship title for two years and were both coaches  Alex Ferguson  as well as defense game colleagues like  Mikaël Silvestre  appreciated the calm and leadership that van der Sar radiated. In the third year the  Premier League  not be won, but with that  League Cup  van der Sar won his first title - the first rounds before the semifinals against the Blackburn Rovers had  Tim Howard  completed.  On the way to  English championship 2007  he contributed 15 games without conceding a goal. The quality he learned at Ajax to form the last line of defense continued to play a role and his penalty saved against  Manchester city  in May 2007 was a kind of preliminary decision in the fight for the league title. Also the club's internal goalkeeper duel against the younger one  Tomasz Kuszczak  he won with it and the contract was extended for another year until 2008.  He led the new 2007/08 season spectacularly with three penalties saved  English Supercup  against the  Chelsea FC  a. Around nine months later he was in the final of the  Champions League  Against the same opponent the decisive figure in a penalty shoot-out and held against in the end  Nicolas Anelka . Then there was his  second Premier League title  and although he had to struggle with groin problems again and again, he was especially at the beginning, when he had to accept only two goals in the first eight league games, important support on the way to the championship. His habit, which had become the norm in the later phase, of extending the contract for just one year at a time, was then used again in December 2007.  By winning the Champions League again - after the 1995 victory with Ajax Amsterdam - van der Sar also became the player with the longest time gap between two titles in the "premier class".

During the 2008-09 season, van der Sar stayed in the  Premier League  1,311 minutes without conceding a goal. So he surpassed the previous records of Chelsea one after the other  Petr Čech  (as the previous Premier League record holder with 1,032 minutes in the 2004/05 season),  Steve Death  from the  Reading FC  (in English professional football with a total of 1,103 minutes in 1979) and  Bobby Clark  from the  Aberdeen FC  (based on all British professional football with 1,155 minutes in 1971) before him  Peter Løvenkrands  from  Newcastle United  on the 28th.  Matchday overcame. The goalkeeper missed the European record of  Dany Verlinden  by 79 minutes.  He completed this with the  next championship title  his Premier League hat trick.  Due to one from the  Audi Cup  Due to the finger injury sustained in the summer of 2009, van der Sar had to take a break until October and thus missed the first twelve matches. Shortly after his comeback, he suffered a knee injury and it wasn't until January 2010 that he returned to the  Burnley FC  (3: 0) back. In the  Champions League  he completed the quarterfinals against the  FC Bayern Munich , but could not prevent the narrow elimination. In February 2010 he extended his contract for a further year in Manchester for the last time  He ended his career at the end of the  2010/11 season  at Manchester United. On the 28th.  May 2011 he lost in his last professional game in the Champions League final against the  FC Barcelona  with 1: 3. The final was his 100th game in the European Cup. Van der Sar, then 40 years and 7 months old, was the oldest player to have made it to a Champions League final.

Van der Sar officially ended his career on May 28, 2011

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