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Why this club? 

My friends and I meet 2 - 3 a year to watch and celebrate together in my Bar United.
We have already thought a few times loudly about founding an association to deepen our friendship. But somehow it never came about.

Additionally I am asked again and again whether I want to found a supporter club.  Since a lot of people are looking for a club that will deal with the concerns of the supporters as quickly as possible. 

But to become an officially recognized Manchester United Supporter Club, we need to reach a minimum number of members. Resident in Austria. As soon as we reach this goal, we will announce it on our homepage and on social media. Please help us to achieve this goal quickly and promote us.

All this moved me then to a rethinking. It was and is a lot of work. But everything for our association and its grandiosen Supporter.

and last but not least, there simply hasn't been a homepage of our club yet, where pretty much everything is summarized. Everything had to be searched laboriously on different pages.

Therefore we have made it our goal to solve this problem as good as possible. On our site you will find everything worth knowing about Manchester United for supporters from all over the world. That's the reason why we decided for a bilingual homepage. All united under one roof.

The site will be constantly updated and expanded. We are always open for suggestions and ideas. 

Of course many of you already know a lot about it, but there are also a lot of people who are not so informed or have just joined us. And therefore the goal of everyone should be to bring exactly this the myth United closer.

in this sense have fun here with us and GGMU

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