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My story

As a little boy, I often drove with my father to the home games of FC Tyrol in Innsbruck. If he had the time, he ran a pastry shop with my mother. Otherwise I go to the home and many away games of my home club FC Wacker Alpbach, where I played until 17 and am still a member of the coaching team today.

I came to international football through television.

At world championships, I've always been a fan of


However, I came to United through my grandfather.

He always read to me from the Kronen Zeitung and explained


that the English would have won again. I asked  him after the name of this "Englishman" and he said:  “Manchester United!”. My eyes lit up alone

this name ...

So my grandpa and I regularly followed the results in the  Newspaper and I still remember how "we" in 1997 against the later  CL winners Borussia Dortmund are eliminated.

The first game I saw on TV was a CL match. With the best of my will, I can't remember who United were up against at the time, but I remember Roy Keane scoring the winning goal.

My first time at Old Trafford was against West Ham in 2012. Robin Van Persie scored the 1-0 after about 40 seconds, after which not much happened. Since then I've been flying to Manchester as often as my wallet or my girlfriend allows.

I have a few favorite moments: One is, of course, how we filmed Final 99 at Camp Nou in 2 minutes. Or how I happened to meet Eric Cantona at Belfast Airport. Or when Paul Scholes suddenly stood behind me at Old Nags Head.

My favorite players are Gary Neville, David Beckham, Roy Keane and Robin Van Persie - I'm just too young for the others

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