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How did I come to be a Manchester United fan?

Quite simply as a little boy I was already crazy about football,
and have been playing in a club since I was little and still do that today.
So I got a Manchester United as a present from my grandpa
Classic jersey from Umbro and Sharp
  as a sponsor.
Since then it was clear that I was going to be a Red Devil, which my dad didn't like that much
He is a Liverpool fan but it has always been a healthy rivalry without bad blood.

But since I was very young I could never see my team live so I stayed
Only the television and various reports in sports newspapers.

It was not until 2000 that Manchester United came to Austria and it was in the CL 
In the 2nd group stage, where they got Sturm Graz drawn.
I said to my dad no matter how I want cards and he made it cards
To get hold of and so it happened that I was there live in Schwarzenegger Stadium
And on top of that, sitting right next to the guest sector and the atmosphere was bombastic.
The game ended 2-0 for Manchester. Goal scorers were Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs.

The 2nd time I saw my team in the CL virtual finals in the Allianz Arena against Bavaria.
Unfortunately we lost 3: 1 goal scorer was Patrice Evra.
Before the match, I celebrated with the fans in downtown Munich, with photos
Beer and conversation and despite the defeat, the atmosphere was great.

On January 2nd, 2016 a dream came true. I was in the legendary Old Trafford for the first time 
In the game against Swansea, which we won 2-1, and I was there as Wayne Rooney
His 238 goal in the United jersey was worth seeing with a hoe. The stadium twitched accordingly and that
Stadium shook.
The 2nd goal was scored by Anthony Martial.
Of course, I didn't miss the stadium tour and my eyes sparkled when I did
Had entered the stadium and was allowed to take a look behind the scenes.
At the end of the day, of course, the Börserl rang in the fan shop, which made the day perfect.


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