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It started in the mid-90s when United awakened my heart. The atmosphere at Old Trafford, Eric Cantona and - as certainly for many - Becks filled my passion more and more.

The highlight was of course the final in 1999 with that

connected treble. I know it like yesterday when I was 13

Years ago with my father who did not watch Bayern

may suffer! And then like Teddy and Ole in the

Stoppage time made the unbelievable possible and everyone

Dams broke. The fans have bengal fires

fascinated me so much that I just got goose bumps.

I've always been a lover of English football

because it's tough but fair and above all so insane

was fast against other leagues. Besides, it has me

fascinated how Sir Alex Ferguson had managed to go after

one  Backlog to motivate the team so that they play this game  could still turn.

This unconditional passion made me who I am today and therefore there will always be a red fire in me.

Before that, I always went to the Austria from Salzburg stadium with my father, so I knew everything about football in earlier years. Then came the time of my all-time favorite player, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, who just really impressed me. His graduation class was indescribable. I still have his jersey, I will never forget that time!

Ruud, Ryan Giggs, Beckham, Scholes, Cantona, Keane, Yorke, Cole and Wayne Rooney, it's just great what United has brought out for players over and over again. Players who really wanted to win!

I will also never forget the 2008 final in Moscow, which I watched with my brother. I was exhausted and overjoyed when we lifted the trophy into the sky.   A game full of emotions!

One of my low points was the 2011 Wembley final against Barcelona. I thought that we played really badly there or that we were faced with an overpowering team. In the end I cried bitter tears.

If I've learned one thing, it's that this club never gives up; not for a second, and that's what Manchester United is all about. We are  a family and we stick together. That is why I am here!

When I first went to Old Trafford in 2018, I couldn't believe my luck! Standing in front of the stadium of the club you love for the first time is just amazing. Visiting the bars before and after the game was the absolute highlight. I had never seen anything like it before!

Every United fan has to experience it and I definitely want to experience it again.   Otherwise, I'm there on TV every time I play and support United TILL I DIE

We are having tough times right now. Still, we will be back at the top because we are Manchester United. We are the biggest football club that exists and will ever exist!


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