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I have to honestly say, I don't even know exactly when this love for United came about. But I think it was around 1998/99, when I was 13/14 years old and always sat in front of the television and watched teletext.  Back then, that was the only way for me to watch PL games.

I come from an anti-soccer family, my father never played or watched soccer.  It was very strange for her that I was so enthusiastic about it. But then I just dealt with United regularly and informed myself as far as I could. Then came the infamous final against Bayern.  For  me  who lives on the border and has only 2 minutes to Bavaria, that was of course great, as a lot of my friends are Bayern supporters.


The game, the players, Sir Alex - that really captivated me and the whole thing about United became even more intense.

In 2006 I flew to Manchester for the first time with a friend to watch a game, the opponent was Aston Villa (back then they had a really strong troop), bought tickets somewhere overpriced on the Internet, some hotel near the stadium for one Known night and zero.  But when I stood in front of the stadium it was indescribable, overwhelming, just a dream.

We were able to win the game 3-1 thanks to a sensational game by JS Park, also one of my favorite players.

And from then on the whole thing really started, I flew to Manchester with friends once a year to watch a game, got tickets, hotel and flight for everyone and off we went.

Since around 2013 it has not stayed at once a year, there have been three, four or five times out.

Since the 2016/17 season I've been the proud owner of two season tickets, after having been on the waiting list for 10 years, I was very happy about the call from Manchester. Due to the season tickets, I am of course in Manchester more often, 8-10 times a year it has to be inside 😉.

Then there is always this question about favorite players, which is very difficult at United, my first jersey from mitlerweilen 32 was from Ole, then of course Giggs and Scholes, which I also tattooed.

But also a park, Vidic, Ferdianand, Van der Sar, Rooney, Ronaldo - those were and are all legends, at least in my time.

To come to the end now, and the question of the highlight in OT, just as difficult, I was in the CL game against Bayern (1-1) that was an incredible mood, just like the 3-2 win against Arsenal (as LvG by much 😉), the 1-2 defeat against Real in the Cl when Ronaldo came back for the first time, that was pure goose bumps, and one thing before the Corona crisis I was in Manchester against City, this atmosphere in the stadium, this feeling, the joy of the fans, this solidarity that is palpable, people fall around you like you've known them forever, that  is unbelievable and for sure only at  United so, I'm 100% sure of that.

And I still enjoy every game as I did the first time 😊.


With this in mind, I hope that normality will return soon, that one can travel to the OT as soon as possible and to support the hottest football club in the world.

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