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Michael Christopher Phelan  (*  September 24th  1962  in  Nelson ,  Lancashire ) is a former  English  Soccer player . During his career he played for several English clubs, among others  Norwich City  and  Manchester United . He made an international match for England in 1989 and won the with Manchester United  European Cup Winners' Cup 1990/91 . In 2002, Norwich City took him there  Hall of Fame  on.

From 2008 to 2013 he was assistant trainer for  Alex Ferguson  at Manchester United. In the absence of Ferguson, Phelan represented him in interviews and press conferences, such as on March 6, 2013 after the Champions League second leg of the second leg between Manchester and  Real Madrid .

After Ferguson's resignation in May 2013, Phelan was replaced by Manchester United's new manager,  David Moyes , sacked. [1]

In 2015 Phelan went to  Hull City . First as an assistant trainer, he became head trainer in October 2016. After a sustained decline with the last place in the table and 13 points from 20 league games, the club separated from Mike Phelan

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