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I was excited about football ever since. 
My Dad watched every game that came on TV. And so did I. So my way was already predetermined.
We were always looking forward to seeing our home-club, the FC Dornbirn play.
Unfortunately not many games were shown on TV back then (we´re talking about the 80´s).
Especially no games of british clubs. As you can tell by now my excitement for british football began very early. When the world-championship season began, my fingers were always crossed for ghe british teams. It wasn´t long until I recognised Gary Lineker and a great love for british Football was born.
In the beginning it was a superficial love but if turned quite fast into passion when I watched sports news about Manchester United for the first time back in 1986. Since then I am on fire. It was barely immpossible to get information. The fact that I live in Austria hasn`t made it easier. Of course we had no internet and no private TV - Channels. Never the less I did my best to track every trace of Manchester United. I even begged may mom to buy me any sports magazine she could find. And if she couldn´t find some, I tried my best to find information on the videotext.
Each and every match shown on TV was extremly special to me. When I first saw Eric Cantona playing the ball I was electrified! What a Man!


The years went by and more and more games were broadcasted. The internet was invented and that made it so much easier for me to get information.
8 years ago my first visit at Old Trafford took place. My wife and I travelled with a van through Scotland and on our way back home we stopped in Manchester. Unfortunately there was no match at that time. Nevertheless we did the stadion tour. That was a truly fascinating moment for me.
It was only 5 years ago when i could finally overcome my serious fear of flying towatch my first live match ever of Manchester United. That was a memorable event for me. It was just stunning to be a part of the crowded stadion. I really love the people of Manchester and of course the city it self.
Since that day i regularly take the plane to Manchester. I´m still afraid of flying but Manchester is always worth the fear. By the way, this city is the only reason for me to get on a plane. I´ve got a sister who lives in Los Angeles since 26 years. I have never visited her.
Every single time in Manchester is very special to me. I just fell in love with this stunning spot and the people living there - and of course with the friends I found. In Manchester it is like being part of a great big family. The Red Family.
It´s pretty hard to tell which moment was the best. There were just so many. But I would like to mention the Murphy Family. They love Manchester United just as much as I do. The Murphy´s are verloving people and they will always have a special place in my heart. They are much more than friends - they are family.
A few years ago I started a whatsapp group, last year a facebook group and now this website and club. I just want members of the red family to stay in touch.
A special thank you belongs to my wife Christine. She is very supporting. Everything in my life is about Manchester United. Our freetime is based on the football match timetable, I built my own United-themed bar in our cellar and both my arms are inked. And by now she even bekcame a fan too.
Last but not least my all-time favourite players: Georgie Boy, Duncan Edwards and Eric Cantona.
I´m really looking forward to new adventures in the future and for glory day for our Club!

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