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Martin McLean Buchan  (*  6th March  1949  in  Aberdeen ) is a former  Scottish  Soccer player  and trainers.

The defensive central midfielder played  Manchester United  from 1972 to 1983 and was a captain there in the late 1970s. He signed the contract with the Red Devils on February 29, 1972. The transfer fee paid to the  Aberdeen FC  went, was the equivalent of around € 184,000, which was the record amount at Manchester United at the time. He made his debut on March 4, 1972 against  Tottenham Hotspur . In 1977 he won the with United  FA Cup . In 1983 the club dissolved his contract due to many injuries. He played 456 games and scored four goals. Then he played until 1985  Oldham Athletic . After the final end of his career, Buchan was still in management for one year  Burnley FC  employed. Internationally, he played 34 times for his home country Scotland. He made his debut in 1971 against  Portugal  and ended his team career against the same opponent. He was a member of  Scottish selection  in the  Football World Cup 1974  in  Germany  and at the  Football World Cup 1978  in  Argentina . In 1974 Scotland were eliminated in the first group stage. In 1978 the Scottish team also said goodbye in the first group stage. Buchan is the only player to serve as captain with two  British  Teams could win a cup. In 1970 he won the trophy with FC Aberdeen and in 1977 with Manchester United.

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