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Football has been with me for almost 30 years. Started in the U10, played through all age groups, then I switched to hobby football. 

In the U14 we even became champions, there were games against Pogatetz and Wallner. Yes, they both made it, I was (and am) more of the Maierhofer type.

Big, talent-free but with a lot of enthusiasm. That's why I was in better hands in the hobby area ...  


Somehow I got an autograph card from Edi Glieder when I was 10 or 11 years old. Sturm Graz didn't work at all and this card brought me to the GAK.  

I never really found myself there, but yes, the GAK was definitely my favorite team as a child or in my youth. Red Devils, I should have

can also become aware earlier ...  


International football was somehow a long way off, but then as now I hated Bayern. Finale 1999, I went to the cinema. Watching the game was not an option for me

in question, wanted to save me from seeing Bayern cheer and I had no connection with United.  


The film was out and the finale was broadcast on television in the cinema. So in the 81st minute I got in (thought I would endure the 10 minutes),

could hardly look until I got by with a low cheer at 1: 1. I was already a Manchester United fan during the tour or at the latest at the final whistle, 

although I wasn't even aware of it.  


In the time that followed, I soaked up everything I could get in the way of information, followed games on ORF as well as possible and fell in love with the club more and more. 

The first jersey was bought and I began to dream of being there live in the stadium.  


Then in early 2015 I met the best woman and she decided we'd fly to Manchester before we were together. I have to say that in 

My circle of friends Bayern, Barca, Arsenal, Dortmund fans are represented, none of whom wanted to come to Manchester.  


17/05/2015 Manchester United 1-1 Arsenal

The day before the stadium tour, everything was simply overwhelming! The city, the stadium, when the bus arrived with the players, the kick-off, everything ...

As soon as we took the train into town from the airport and I thought I had seen Old Trafford (which of course wasn't) I got it

Goose bumps.  


On New Year's Eve 2016 we were over there again, Middlesbrough won 2-1. Up to 85. 0: 1 behind, after a double strike by Martial and Pogba 2: 1 in front. 

I will never forget what was going on in the stadium and I will probably not hear it again anytime soon, absolutely amazing.  


In good times and bad ... May Manchester United be back where it belongs!


Warm greetings


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