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Frank Barson  (*  10th of April  1891  in  Grimesthorpe ,  Sheffield ; †  13.september  1968  in  Winson Green ,  Birmingham ) was an English  Soccer player . The trained blacksmith began his football career at various amateur clubs in Sheffield and became a professional in 1911  Barnsley FC .  He played for a number of English professional clubs throughout his career, including  Manchester United  and  Aston Villa , with whom he in 1920  FA Cup  won.

Barson was considered one of the most feared players of his time  and had a reputation for being one of the toughest players in English football.  In numerous games, Barson had to be escorted from the field by police officers after the final whistle to protect him from the angry mob of opposing fans

In the summer of 1922 he was transferred to the then for a transfer fee of £ 5,000  Second division  Manchester United  sold.  He spent six injured years in Manchester, during which time he scored four goals in 140 league games for the club. Barson was a leading player at Manchester United and helped the club to rise to the 1926  First Division . As a bonus for the climb he received a  Pub  in Manchester.

At this point in time he had “hero status” at United, which he himself was always critical of. He was so uncomfortable with the excessive publicity he received during the opening of his pub that he subsequently turned the business over to his head waiter in its entirety.

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