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Answers to the association and for ticket allocation


Membership with us:


Anyone can become a member. No matter what nationality.

The advantages of a membership are the completely activated homepage with extensive information  Manchester United.

Such as B. Player portraits, hotel and pub recommendations, downloadable ringtones, chants, videos, stories from fans and much more.


Membership card


Organized meetings for members only


For members residing in Austria who are also members of United - tickets for every United Premier League home game can be booked at the normal price. There is a separate point for this  


There will be even more advantages in the future



Membership costs with us:


Full member costs 12 euros a year


Link to registration



Member of Manchester United:


In order to get tickets from us, that person must also be a member of Manchester United.


There are different memberships at United.


Light membership for around 22 euros

You only get the membership card  


And full membership for around 40 euros

Membership card and a small gift box


But both are equal in terms of membership.

With both it is possible to get tickets from us


Link to United membership



Ticket orders:


As a club, we get a contingent of tickets for every home game


There are A games and "normal games"


A - games are:


Manchester city





And the last home game


Everything else are "normal games"


Ticket contingent for normal games:


Should never be a problem


A - Games:


Will we get a limited contingent.

That means: we will have to make compromises for these games. It can e.g. B. not everyone go to the Liverpool game.


A ticket order must be sent in good time for the games.


The ticket will then be booked on your United Member Card.  


When this is we will let you know by email and in our groups (Facebook, What's App).  


To order tickets  


Number of Tickets:


Only one ticket is possible per member and game. If your z. B. want to go with your buddy, he must also be a member of United and also with us. Only then can we order a ticket for him as well.


Of course, you can also go on more than one game. There are no restrictions


Price for ticket:


The price that is charged by United will be passed on. With a minimal processing fee on our part.


That is the decisive advantage for you.

No need to sit in front of the PC and hope that you will get tickets for some game.

Here with us you are guaranteed to get tickets. Are reserved for the fan club.  


Seat Allocation Old Trafford:


We have no control over which seats are assigned to us. It's all happening on the United side.

But we can make sure that you sit together with your companions. Please state this when ordering the ticket.  


Travel planning:


We are happy to help you with travel planning and give you tips.  

Hotels with booking function on the HP.

Something for every wallet.

But we are also at your side with all other questions.

We also have friends in Manchester who can help with problems.

We won't leave you out in the rain. Especially when you are in Manchester for the first time you have a lot of questions in advance.


Other answers about our association:


All organs in our association work on a voluntary basis.

The money that the association earns flows back into the association.

The money is used for all costs that arise. (Homepage, bank fees, membership cards, etc.)




Our clubhouse is located in Vorarlberg.


Meetings take place here.

Access is reserved for members and their friends.

The dates of the meetings will be informed in good time on all channels.


Link to the clubhouse


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Facebook, What's App Group, Mail or private.

We will answer the questions in no time.


Your Red Devils United Family Team

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