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How it all started ... One Love = United and Alex

I've always been a little different from the other girls my age - most of them played with their dolls and I? I was outside on the soccer field with the boys next door playing football. On the weekends, too, I preferred to be on the soccer field and actively cheered on our local team in Feldkirchen near Mattighofen - I was always there at the away games too. I got this football gene from my dad, who always took me with him everywhere.

My love for United began around 2003 - that was also the year Cristiano Ronaldo came to United. In my day he was a real idol for many.


Together with the legends Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes, Rio Ferdinand and Van der Sar and many other United Stars, that was a force. At that time, United football shaped me more than ever - Sir Alex Ferguson was the greatest coach for me anyway, I just adore this person so much! He has such a crazy aura and has United in his blood like no other. He has given us great pleasure as coach of United for over 26 years and I am infinitely grateful to him for everything he has done for this club. What a Legend !!

How often do I remember fondly the famous Fergie Time - the best example is still in 1999 at the Champions League final against Bayern when there were two more goals in stoppage time and we won - Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scored the winning goal and today he trains ours Team - that makes me more proud - he was heavily criticized by many after a somewhat longer dry spell - but I was always loyal to him from the start and something is finally coming back to United = balm on the soul of every United fan! After many years of disappointment after our Sir Alex Ferguson's era. My favorite players (currently) at United are of course Rashford, Mc Tominay,  Wan Bissaka, Bruno Fernandes and Mr Dave saves (DDG) - but there are so many great United players and legends!

My first time at Old Trafford was very late - in 2017 in October - unfortunately it didn't turn out earlier for various reasons. Having just landed at Manchester Airport, of course, I had to visit Old Trafford immediately - I was flashed by all the great impressions and it was exactly as I had always imagined - an indescribably awesome feeling - of course there was a lot in the megastore shopped and made the credit card glow properly.

We saw the game against Tottenham Hotspur in 2017. I was so carried away by the atmosphere that I had to cry out of sheer happiness, one adrenaline rush after the other was the result. Of course, we also won 1-0 - 2 years later against Leicester in September 2019 with the same 1-0 result - should be a good omen. In March 2020 the time had come! The game of games that every United fan dreams of - Manchester Derby !!! I was looking forward to it as much as all 75,000 fans in the stadium put together! It was 1-0 for a long time;) before our Scotty then scored the absolute dream goal to 2-0 - these are moments in life that you will never forget, there was soooo much passion and fighting spirit - everyone gave their last shirt for this important one Victory! I was currently totally chilled and lost my whole voice for the next 3 days - my boyfriend had to speak for me on my behalf - I couldn't crank out any more;) my voice was whistling at the derby, but those are the moments for them every United fan screams their hearts out - I will remember such victories for a long time! These were amazing experiences! Due to the current situation around the Corona Virus, it makes me infinitely sad but also very wistful that the derby was the last game in front of about 75,000 fans that I was able to watch live - the world still seemed to be fine ... days later the pandemic ruled our planet & followed by individual ghost games. All of football comes to a standstill in this world so quickly -> So enjoy the moments you experienced in Manchester and the solidarity in our United Family - better times are bound to come soon! Your Alex

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