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I was born with football as well. When I was a toddler, my father took me to the "Riedle", that is the old place of SC Rheindorf Altach, at times he was the masseur of the combat team, but our fridge was filled with lemons, grapefruits and Trafuril!
  Later on I played with less success
as a goalkeeper with the boys and students, but had a huge role model, Savo Ekmecic ... yes, exactly, the one with the three-quarter-length trousers!
Then I changed the sport and music also entered my life, it still largely determines my life today!
I came to United in the '99 final. During the game 


the commentator said that the United coach has been in office for 13 years! .. I already clicked! .. In 1999 something like this was already unusual. What kind of club is this, what kind of coach ??? Then of course the victory that blew me away.  I scraped together all the information I could get, similar to Martin, I watched a game on teletext !! My son-in-law then showed me what is possible with computers and the Internet and the more I learned, the deeper my passion went.  In 2016, the highlight of my United life so far, I received a 3-day Manchester United all-round package for a milestone birthday! My son-in-law flew over with me and made sure that I got on the plane, to Manchester, to a hotel and to Old Trafford! In addition, a 4: 1 win against the surprise master Leicester! I couldn't take in all of these impressions at once! .. Hope to fly over again ...  In the middle of 2019 I finally got to know Christine and Martin personally. Martin, a noble fan in its purest form through and through, Christine as a calm, level-headed pole with class and enormous knowledge opened my eyes and showed me that there is even more than the era of Sir Alex or the current team!  They explained the Manchester United phenomenon to me !! After a few "longer" meetings with Christine and Martin, Martin decided to found the association and it didn't take long to persuade me to join!  With that in mind, Glory Glory ManUnited !! ..

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