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Report by Dave Coleman 

Really enjoyed the match tonight the away end was bouncing and the team rewarded us with what was a comfortable win in the end. The match began erratically with neither team really dominating. Each team went forward but rarely caused the keepers any real problems. That was until Derby got a free kick that a certain player (of whom l will talk more later) brought a decent save from Romero. The first goal came when we had multiple attempts saved or blocked until Shaw hit a bouncing shot into the net. That seemed to settle us down and we began to dominate and just before half time scored the second through lgahlo. As they had to do Derby came out immediately in the second half to try to get back in the game. They made a couple of possibilities but couldnt make anything count. We started to play better again after the first 10 minutes or so of the second half. We got the match ending 3rd goal after around 70 minutes when lgahlo smashed home a rebound. Having already taken Fernandes off Fred was then rested and Shaw protected after his first half yellow card. But even with the much maligned Lingard and Pereira on the pitch we still dominated and should really have scored more. Derby kept trying but again their best effort came from a free kick from that player which Romero saved excellently. So we get through to the next round and got a more than decent performance out of every player but l think lgahlo should be MOTM for his 2 goals and non stop effort. The away support was again magnificent and l dont believe any opposing player has ever had the ovations Wayne Rooney got from Uniteds travelling support, it proves that there are many that appreciate his efforts for United in his record breaking time at Old Trafford. It was also nice of him to acknowledge the fans the best way he could without upsetting his current supporters. Next game is home to City in the Premier League on Sunday. Come on United! 🇾🇪

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