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So I don't know any more about it. It must have been in the 1970s, when every second European Cup match, images of English fans went through the media who had carried out urban redevelopment measures somewhere in Europe. Tables and chairs flying through the air, smoke, policemen with batons and the annoyed comments from my strange father, who never got over the fact that the British had won the war. As a little boy - out of a certain rebellion, as it were - my enthusiasm for English football must have arisen. And then, many years later, it must have been a report in the “current gym” that brought me to United. Sky didn't exist yet, live football only came to world or European championships and the ARD Sportschau brought the Bundesliga. So, I think it was probably the gym in the early 90s where I saw a footballer in a red jersey with a raised collar. Probably a quick recap of the game, or maybe the last one


Matchday with winning the championship ... I don't remember. But when this Frenchman marched through the opposing defenders with his strange lunges, crossed his back and raised his head, it was all over to me.

From then on I tried to find out everything about this player and the club. I watched every game that was somehow broadcast and of course the match in May 1999. At 2-1 through OGS I danced on the kitchen table of my student flat in Freiburg and after I shouted out the window in complete euphoria, neighbors threatened me Blows. The threats remained - and of course the love for the club too.


One Love, Michael Gösele

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