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People often ask me why United? How do you come from Central Switzerland to the club from northwest England. I think it has a lot to do with fate ...

In any case, it can't be from the family point of view. Somehow my father and brother have no idea about football (Liverpool fans / sympathizers). 

The interest in football was great from an early age. When I was 10 years old (2007) I wanted my first United shirt and my godfather gave me this at Christmas. With that, the union with United was almost sealed.  


Because after that I got more and more involved with United. I watched YouTube videos, read articles in magazines or on the internet, watched games on teletext (the only option for me back then), sometimes saw them on TV in the Champions League and paved my room with posters and things related to United.

In addition, my older sister took me into town a few times so I could see a game in the pub. I was so happy with every victory, I was so proud with every title. It just kept evolving and the love and passion for United skyrocketed from year to year.

At the age of 14 (Feb. 2012) the time had finally come. My first trip to Manchester (with my father who can't speak a single word of English). Wowww ... The first time flying since childhood, the first time England, the first time such a huge city. All a gigantic experience, which is rather overwhelming for a little Swiss boy from the village. But I quickly realized how easy the English made it for me to find my way around. 

The mentality and the collective friendliness were the first thing that immediately impressed me. The best was yet to come ...

I was bursting with happiness and had goosebumps all over my body when I was in front of the stadium. It's huge, impressive and incredibly beautiful. The feeling of sitting in the crowd and being in the stadium with like-minded people trumped this feeling again. The game was against Liverpool. What an honor to see my first game against my biggest rival. It was unbelievable, it cannot be put into words. 2-1 win: not only against Liverpool, but also against racism (Evra vs. Suarez). My all-time favorite Rooney scored both goals and my love for United increased even further. Indescribable feeling, pure joy. What a trip.

After that it went on steadily: I bought jerseys and merchandise, started watching every game via streams and even in the summer I fevered for news about the club every day. Getting up at 3 a.m. for two hours just to watch a friendly game in America was a given for me. 

In 2014 I was able to go to Manchester for a second time with one of my best friends (despite losing 3-0 to Man City, another great trip). To see the games live and to be in the stadium is just the best. After that I flew over 1 or 2 times a year. Every time it was a terrific experience. A trip to Manchester is always one of the biggest highlights of my calendar anyway. 

One of my “more special” experiences is that during my 7-month stay in Salisbury I was honored and lucky enough to see United at the “away end”. Despite a very bad 0-0 in Southampton, it was an extremely memorable experience as the fans celebrated this incredible feeling of solidarity and sang non-stop. I also spent a month in Manchester itself, where I was able to watch 5 games live. In Bern I was lucky enough to celebrate the day with the best away fans worldwide for the second time. In general, I've also got to know a lot of great people from the United Family and I'm looking forward to more cool encounters with like-minded people. 

So I am in the fortunate position of having been there a few times and having experienced so many beautiful things. I am incredibly grateful and happy for this, because it is always an unspeakably great experience. I am endlessly happy that one of my greatest dreams has now come true, as I am now also a season ticket holder from 20/21. I'm looking forward to the future all the more because I know that I can now admire Old Trafford much more often. 

It's all about United. “It's not just a club, it's a way of life” or “It's my religion” hits the spot right. For me, missing a game is actually impossible and unimaginable. Everyone who knows me to some extent also knows this. The only “negative” thing is that you can't use me for a short time after a bad game or a defeat. As in other areas, there are always “ups and downs”, but what definitely stays forever is love. So I didn't have to think twice about what to get tattooed first.

There are still so many great memories that are related to my greatest passion, but this would go beyond the scope here. In any case, I am sure that countless moments of happiness with United are still waiting for me and I am proud to have found love for the hottest club on earth - Manchester United. ONE LOVE - UNITED

UNITED TILL I DIE. See ya, your Less

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